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Quick Company Incorporation Process

Procedure to Incorporate a new company

Step 1: Go for name approval

Visit and create an account on the MCA website. Select the NEW APPLICATION option for name reservation. This Spice + Part A window shall be prompted for choosing and filling the given heads: 

  • Company’s type 
  • Company’s Class 
  • Company’s category
  • Company’s Sub-category
  • The primary division of the Industrial Activity of the company
  • Main Division’s Description
  • 2 Proposed Names
  • Any other relevant documentation can be attached. Ex- Trademark registration certificate, Object Clause of the Company, or Board Resolution’s, if any.
  • Choose Auto check>Save>Submit

Once submitted, CRC shall deliver the mail on the applicant’s registered mail ID either for approval or rejection or resubmission of the proposed name. 

Step 2: Fill Part B of Spice + web-form

Post-approval from CRC, application no. shall be generated for each company 

Tap on the tab called “Existing Applications” and list of application information shall be prompted on the screen 

Note: There is an option of filtration of date for selecting the application information. 

SPICE+ web-from shall be filed with AoA and MoA as attachments if there are more than seven subscribers.  

There is a link on application no. which shall redirect the applicant to fill in further information by selecting Fill Button in Part B. 

  • Company structure 
  • Company Address
  • Details about Subscriber and Directors
  • Particulars of Subscribers and Director Details by selecting add/edit link.
  • Stamp Duty
  • PAN & TAN details
  • Requisite Attachments to be done
  • Declaration to be checked
  • Declaration and Certification accorded by the Professional (CA, CS or CMA)
  • After completing these details and uploading the attachments, Prescrutiny and Submit ought to be clicked. 

Step 3: Submit Spice+ MoA

Need to opt for the tap called Fill Button which shall redirect to fill the given information; 

  • Choose the table applicable to the organization 
  • The name of the organization is prefilled 
  • The registered office of the entity is prefilled 
  • Enclose the main objects of the company 
  • Matters necessary for the furtherance of the entity’s main objects
  • The members’ liability is limited (need not to fill)
  • Company’s share capital 
  • Declaration
  • Details of the Subscribers
  • Signed before professional
  • Tap on the Check form> Save button> Submit Button 

Step 4: Submit Spice + AoA

Need to tap on the Fill Button which shall open the new window where the following details need to be filled.

  • Choose the table as applicable to the organization 
  • The company’s name is prefilled
  • Subscribers’ details
  • Choose check form- the pop-up message prompts
  • Then, choose the save tab as advised by the pop-up message display 
  • Finally, tap on the top on the option called Submit 

Step 5: Affix the DSC of Directors and Subscribers

INC-9 shall be auto-generated and the same must be downloaded for affixing the DSC of the concerned Directors and Subscribers. Upload the INC-9 form as the linked form along with the SPICE+ forms

Step 6: Validate the form

All check forms, as well as pre-scrutiny authentication; will take place on the web form itself. DSC and other validations will occur at the Upload level or Stage on MCA Portal

Mandatory Attachments for Spice+ Web form

Pvt. Ltd. Company (OPC)Private Limited CompanySection 8 CompanyPrivate Limited (Foreign Subsidiary)
first directors and subscribers declarationfirst director(s) and subscriber(s) declarationMemorandum of Association (MoA)Memorandum of Association (Moa)
Address proof of officeAddress proof of officeArticles of AssociationArticles of Association
Copy of utility bills such as electricity bill, gas bill, water bill, etc  Copy of utility bills such as electricity bill, gas bill, water bill, etc  Declaration by the first director(s) and subscriber(s)Declaration by the first director(s) and subscriber(s)
Consent of Nominee (INC–3)  Identity and address proof of a subscribersAddress proof of office  Address proof of office  
Identity and address proof of subscribersIdentity and address proof of ApplicantsCopy of utility bills such as electricity bill, gas bill, water bill, etc  Copy of utility bills  
Identity and address proof of the nominee Identity and address proof of subscribersCopy of certificate of incorporation (COI) of foreign body corporate (if any)
Proof of identity and address of Applicants Identity and address proof of the ApplicantsA resolution passed by the promote company
  Declaration in Form INC – 14  Identity and address proof of the subscribers
  Declaration in Form INC – 15Identity and address proof of Applicants
Optional attachmentsOptional attachmentsOptional attachmentsOptional attachments
Attachments – Part AAttachments – Part AAttachments – Part AAttachments – Part A

The attachments are cited specifically for incorporation of 4 types of pvt. Ltd. company


  • Proof regarding the principal business place
  • Proof regarding the appointment of Authorised Signatory for GSTIN
  • Either of the dossiers – Copy of board-authorized Resolution/ Letter of Authorisation/ Managing Committee and Acceptance Letter
  • Identification proof of Authorised Signatory for bank account opening.
  • Authorized Signatory’s address proof for bank account opening.
  • Signature of Authorised Signatory for EPFO

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