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Know India Programme (KIP) – Eligibility Criteria, Guidelines, Duration, Application Process

The Ministry of External Affairs launched the Know India Programme (KIP) to promote awareness of different facets of life in India amongst diaspora youths. It is a three-week (25 days) orientation programme for students and young professionals of Indian origin to visit India, develop closer bonds with contemporary India and share their views, expectations and experiences.

The Ministry of External Affairs organises the KIP in partnership with one or two states for ten days. KIP shows the progress made by India in various fields, such as industry, science and technology, education, economics, culture, and communication and information technology.

It is open to Persons of Indian Origin (PIO), excluding Non-Resident Indians, with preference to those from Girmitiya countries (Fiji, Mauritius,  Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, South Africa, Jamaica etc.)

Contents of KIP

The programme content broadly includes the following:

  • Understanding India’s economy, society, political system and developments in various sectors.
  • Visit places of cultural, historical and religious importance.
  • Familiarisation with music, art and culture of India.
  • Visit industrial sites and villages.
  • Interaction with non-profit organisations.
  • Meetings with senior leadership or officials in India.
  • Visit a select state for ten days in India.
  • Interaction with students and faculty at a prestigious college, university or institute.
  • Exposure to Indian cinema and media.
  • Interaction with NGOs and organisations dealing with women’s issues.
  • Visits to monuments or places of historical importance.
  • Participation in cultural programmes.
  • Exposure to yoga.

Eligibility Criteria for KIP

Age criteria

The KIP is open to youth of Indian origin in the age group of 18-30 years. However, Non-Resident Indians are not eligible to apply under KIPs. It is open to PIO youths from all over the world. 

Previous participation

The applicant should not have participated in the Internship Programme for Diaspora Youth (IPDY) Study India Programme of MEA, previous KIP, programme organised and paid for by the Ministry of External Affairs and any other department or Ministry in Government of India or State Governments in India. Applicants who have not visited India are given preference. 

Educational qualification

The minimum educational qualification required for participating is graduation from a recognised institute/university or enrollment for graduation.


The applicants should have studied English as a subject in High School, or English should be the medium of instruction in undergraduate courses. Applicants must be able to speak English.

Application for KIP

The online application process for KIP is as follows:

  • Visit the official Know India Programme website.
  • Click on the ‘For Registration – Click Here’ button available on the homepage.
  • Enter the details, such as the country name, complete name, date of birth, gender, email ID, mobile number, and password and click the ‘Submit’ button.
  • A confirmation message will be displayed on the home page about registration.
  • Login into the email id provided in the registration form and click on the ‘Confirm my email and create my account’ link.
  • Create a password to log into the KIP website.
  • On the KIP homepage, enter the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ under the ‘Login’ tab and click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  • The user dashboard will appear. Click on the ‘Apply for KIP’ tab.
  • The application form will appear. Enter the details and click on the ‘Final Submit’ button.
  • The application will be submitted, and the confirmation message will appear on the screen.

Alternatively, applicants can apply to the Indian Mission/Post in their country. The applications are submitted to the Indian Diplomatic Mission or the Consular Post that covers the applicant’s area of residence.

The Ministry of External Affairs will select the participants based on nominations received from Indian Missions/Posts abroad. A total of up to 40 participants can be selected under KIP.  

Duration of KIP

The programme duration is 21 days (excluding international travel) with ten days stay in one or two partner states. The details of the programme are posted on the KIP website.

Documents Required for KIP

  • Applicants must provide the PIO card number or PIO card number of their parents or grandparents.
  • In the absence of proof of Indian origin, the applicants must submit a written undertaking about their Indian origin attested by HOM/HOP or DCM/DCG of the Mission/Consulate.
  • Applicant photographs.

Facilities Provided Under KIP

  • The Ministry of External Affairs takes care of the participants during the entire duration of the programme. If the participants want to arrive early in India or stay for extra days, they must make their own arrangements.
  • The participants are given local hospitality, such as lodging or boarding in budget hotels and internal transportation in India.
  • 90% of the total cost of the applicant’s air tickets for the economy class fare from their respective countries to India is reimbursed to the participants by Indian Missions/Posts abroad upon completing the programme.
  • A per diem allowance of Rs.100 for out-of-pocket expenses is provided to the applicants.
  • The Indian Missions/Posts abroad will grant a Gratis visa to select participants.

International Medical And Travel Insurance

There have been some instances under KIP where participants have faced health issues during their visit to India. It becomes difficult to settle the expenditures incurred on medical care for the participants during their stay in India without valid travel and medical insurance policy. Thus, all participants are advised to get international travel and medical insurance policy for their visit to India.

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