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How to make a Pitch Deck for Startups?

The pitch deck is a presentation that entrepreneurs put together when seeking a round of financing from investors. On average, a pitch deck has a maximum of 19 slides. The pitch deck that entrepreneurs present to investors in person with more visuals contributes to gaining investors’ attention.

Below are the slides that one should include in their presentation:

1. Problem

This slide explains what gap you are filling in the market. This should be a problem that people can relate to and that investors would not have issues with understanding. Different slides should be created for the problem and the solution. Investor gets involved with a venture either because they have experienced the same problem in the past or given the professional expertise they understand it.

2. Solution

The solution needs to be concise and very clear. In the case of a tech startup, the solution needs to be scalable. The solution is what investors essentially want to see. Timing is everything in business being too early or too late for the solution to market can be the main cause of failure for startups.

3. Market

The market is a major factor to determine the potential exit of the investor. If you are operating in a small market also the returns could be impacted by this. Ultimate investors, and especially institutional investors, look for companies that will not only transform or disrupt their industry but have the potential to fundamentally reshape the way consumers interact with a market.

4. Product

This slide is all about showing the product in action. To make it even more powerful one must add some description about the product and some quotes of some of the existing clients talking about the product.

5. Traction

This slide should show the growth of the business. This is the slide that investors want to see on every pitch deck they review. In the case of very early stage or the growth is not that interesting it is suggested to avoid including it.

6. Team

The team is probably one of the most important slides in any pitch deck. The investor wants to know who is driving the bus and what makes them so unique to execute that mission and vision. If you have the right people in the right job position the company will end up finding its direction to success. The team slide should just be describing the members of the leadership team.

7. Competition

This slide should include how you compare to the competitors. You want to clearly differentiate yourself from the rest so that the person that is reviewing the slide gets what makes your company so unique. How much capital each competitor has already raised in the past and at what valuation. This could help in providing some perspective on how much the market is paying.

8. Amount being raised

Do not put the specific amount that is to be raised instead it is suggested to put a range. To be attractive to as many targets as possible, going with ranges instead of specific amounts is more preferable.

9. Contact Information

Most founders forget to include in their pitch deck their contact information. Links to social media should be included on the cover slide. This would provide social proof. Interested investors will most likely look you up and will also reach out to people in common in order to ask for references.

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