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How can I withdraw my filed refund application in Form GST RFD-01 on the GST Portal?

To withdraw your filed refund application on the GST Portal, perform following steps:

1. Access the www.gst.gov.in URL. The GST Home page is displayed. Login to the portal with valid credentials. Dashboard page is displayed. Click Services > User Services > My Applications option.

2. My Applications page is displayed. In the Application Type field, select “REFUNDS” from the drop-down list. To view the filed refund applications, select the submission period in the From Date field and To Date field. Click SEARCH. Based on your Search criteria, applications are displayed. Click the ARN/RFN hyperlink you want to open. The ARN/RFN number is hyper linked and clicking on it would take you to the case details page of that refund application.

3. Case Details page is displayed. To view your filed refund application details, on the Case Details page of that particular application, select the APPLICATIONS tab, if it is not selected by default. This tab provides you an option to view the filed refund application, along with its supporting documents in PDF mode. Click the Withdraw Refund Application button to withdraw your refund application.

Note: Refund Application can be withdrawn till the status of refund application is “Acknowledged”. After that, refund application cannot be withdrawn.

“Withdraw Refund Application” button will be available only when the status of refund application is “Refund Application Filed/ Bank Account validation pending at PFMS/ Bank Account validated by PFMS/ Bank Account validation failed/ Refund Application Acknowledged”. In case of any other status, the button will not be available.

Click here to know more about other tabs.

4. Application for Withdrawal of Refund Application page is displayed.

4.1 Click the Generate Reference Number hyperlink to generate the reference number.

4.2 Select the Reason for withdrawing Refund Application from the drop-down list.

Note: In case of Others, “Specify the reason” field will become mandatory for filling.

4.3. CClick the Choose File button to upload any supporting document and mention name of the document in the text box below File Name.

Note: Maximum 4 supporting documents in PDF format with maximum size of 5 MB is allowed.

5. Select the Declaration checkbox and select the name of the Authorised Signatory from the drop-down list. Enter the Place from where you are filing the application. Click PREVIEW.

6. Application for Withdrawal of Refund Application is downloaded in PDF format in draft version.

7. Click FILE WITH DSC or FILE WITH EVC button.

8. A success message is displayed that refund application is successfully withdrawn. Click OK to go back to Case Detail folder.


  • Once a Refund Application has been withdrawn by the taxpayer, the taxpayer will not be able to take any further action on the refund application.
  • On successful withdrawal of refund application, the Electronic Cash/Credit Ledger debited at the time of filing refund application will be credited back.
  • In case of withdrawal of refund application, taxpayer will be able to file a fresh refund application for the same/part thereof/clubbing with different period again. The refund application for the selected period and refund type would be available as if the refund application was never filed by the applicant.
  • An e-mail and SMS will be sent to the taxpayer once refund application filed on the GST Portal is withdrawn.

9. You can click the GST RFD-01 W link to download the filed Application for Withdrawal of Refund. The status of the ARN is changed to “Refund Application Withdrawn”.

9.1. Application for Withdrawal of Refund Application is downloaded in PDF format in final version.

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