Online Foreign Company Registration in India

Foreign Company Registration

Running or Registering a Foreign Company in India requires business owners to comply with various regulations and guidelines.  The Companies (Registration of Foreign Companies) Rules, 2014 prescribes these guidelines and regulates the registration of foreign companies in India. These regulations comprise of rules relating to publishing details regarding directors and secretaries to the Registrar. It is crucial that business owners keep themselves updated regarding such rules to ensure compliance and prevent penalties.

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Companies (Registration of Foreign Companies) Rules

  1. Every foreign company must provide certain details to the Registrar within thirty days of establishing a place of business in India. In addition to the details specified in the Companies Act, 2013, such companies must publish details regarding a list of directors and secretaries.
  2. Such companies must file Form FC-1 and pay the required fees to the Registrar, as mentioned in the Companies (Registration Offices and Fees) Rules, 2014. These applications must contain the necessary supporting documents as mentioned in sub-section (1) of Section 380 of the Rules. Additionally, such companies must also provide an attested copy of the approval obtained from the Reserve Bank of India. Approval affidavits from other regulators are also mandatory under the Foreign Exchange Management Act. 
  3. If any alteration occurs in the registration document delivered to the Registrar, the foreign company must file Form FC-2 containing all the details of the alteration. The business must file such an application within thirty days of the occurrence of the alteration.

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