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Due Dates of Filing ROC Forms for June 2022

The Due Dates falling in June 2022 related to the filing of Forms/Returns with MCA/ROC are:

A. DPT-3 (Return of Deposit)

This e-form is required to file by all the Companies, if they are having any Loan, Deposit, or Advance as on 31.03.2022 in the books. Audited details of Loans, Advances, and deposits as on 31st March 2022 are required to mention in DPT-3. DPT-3 is not applicable to the following Companies:

  1. Banking Company
  2. Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) registered with RBI.
  3. Housing Finance Company (HFCs) registered with the National Housing Bank.
  4. Government Company (in case of Exempted Deposit)

B. LLP-11 (Annual Return of LLP)

This web-based form shall be filed only on the LLP Portal. Every LLP (Working/non-working) is required to file this form. ROC fees of this form depend upon the Capital Contribution of LLP. Contributions made by partners in Capital till 31.03.2022 are required to mention in this form. The police station address of LLP is required to be mentioned.

C. CSR-2 (Return of CSR)

This web-based form is required to file by all the Companies if CSR is applicable to them in the financial year 2020-21. If CSR was not applicable in 2020-21 but applicable in 2021-22 in such a situation CSR-2 is not required to be filed till June 30, 2022. All the details contribution made, pending, transfer to funds required to mention in this form. This form calculates many figures itself through artificial intelligence.

 D. Other Forms of LLP

As per the Circular dated Mar 31, 2022, MCA has extended the Due Date of all forms of LLP up to 30th June 2022 on the below-mentioned condition. The due date of the Form should fall between 25 Feb 2022 to 31 May 2022. This extension is given due to the transition period from the V-2 to the V-3 version of MCA. If LLP fails to file the form by 30 June then additional fees shall be levied from the Actual Due Date.

S No.Form NoPurpose of formActual Due DateExtended Due Date
1.DPT-3Return of DepositReturn of Deposit 30-06-202230-06-2022
2.LLP-11Annual Return30-05-202230-06-2022
3.CSR-2Report on CSR30-05-202230-06-2022
4.Other LLP FormsAll the Forms of LLPDue Date b/w 25-02-2022 to 31-05-202230-06-2022

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