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Your Personal Book Keeper

We will take care of your books of accounts.

Onboarding and Setup for a new Client

our onboarding process is simple and easy.


Handover and Data flow Process

A seamless handover from your existing accountant on the basis of a detailed checklist prepared by Chartered Accountants, thus ensuring smooth and seamless handover.


Getting Started

Bookkeeping Services Based on the requirements of the client and the industry in which it is engaged, a thorough checklist and reporting pattern is decided in mutual consultation with the client.


Interaction with the Team

Facility of an interaction with the Accounts team is available during business hours via WhatsApp, Phone or Email to resolve any queries that you might be having.

What we offer?

Our Platform Bookkeeping Services helps entrepreneurs devote more time in thinking up ways to expand their business and meeting new clients than in managing Books.
Time is Money, which is why we are here to help you make more Money!

Cloud Based

All our accounting is in the Cloud. Access your files and reports from anywhere! Our Certified Advisors will help make your bookkeeping a breeze.


We made sure to combine the best of technology and human touch to create an online bookkeeping experience unlike any other.


Data Privacy is ensured as the entire Bookkeeping is done in-house and your sensitive/private data is never shared with any outside agency under any circumstances whatsoever.

24Hr Access

Based on the inputs provided, you are able to view dashboards, reports and charts covering all your receivables, payables, inventory and much more.

Data Sharing

Monthly reports containing details of Total Revenue, Expenses, Receivables and Payable along with Profit & Loss Accounts, Cash Flow Statements for your business are provided.

Tax Filing

Timely Filing of your company taxes, done painlessly, always.


We offer scalable bookkeeping packages to fit all your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Cost Reduction

One of the most effective ways small and medium-sized businesses reduce expenses is by contracting professionals to handle tasks which fall outside of the company’s primary function, rather than hiring in house employees.


Choose best plan according to your requirements

Want us to handle your bookkeeping?